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Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton Area.

To Paint & Protect


Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton Area.

Interior Painting Services

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Interior Painting Services

Professional House Painting

Painting can enhance the appearance of your home or workplace significantly, whether it is interior or exterior painting project you want to have done. We work with real estate agents and interior designers and all of them agree on one thing. PAINTING IS THE CHEAPEST UPGRADE OF YOUR HOME. There is nothing out there that will get you more return on your investment than simply painting your house. Professionally that is.

That’s why many house owners that find selling their homes difficult will turn to a painting company for help. And we are here to help! Not just with your home but any painting project you may have. Our experienced professional residential house painters will also determine the best possible application method for the specific project, including HVLP and airless spray technology.

There is a common misconception that airless spray painting is inefficient and wastes paint. While that may be partially true, there are a number of factors that dramatically change the outcome of such a method of application. Our team of experienced professional painters knows how to use the industrial airless spray technology to maximize use of every gallon of paint.

This includes using the right pressure for the paint being sprayed and choosing the correct tip size for the specific work being performed to minimize over spray, therefore, less wasted paint. In many cases, especially when there is a big colour change, spray method, whether airless or HVLP, can result in less coats than using conventional methods of brush and roll. In most cases 2 even coats of spray result in a great uniform finish, whereas it can take 2-5 coats by hand and therefore spray method can save paint, contradicting the common misconception.

Sprayed surfaces, such as trim and doors, or cabinets, tend to have a nice smooth uniform appearance as opposed to surfaces painted by brush or roller which create more or less of a texture. In any case, our interior house painters will help you with all your painting needs in a courteous and timely manner. So please take a moment to contact us for any residential interior painting needs you may have. We’re here To Paint & Protect!

Staircase Stain & Varnish

Interior Exterior Painting LTD. specializes in staining unfinished staircases to custom match your hardwood floors. Staining of your staircase includes:

Preparation Stage

Sanding – all surfaces sanded with 3 different sandpaper grit sizes to ensure smooth surface.

Stain Removal – getting rid of any stains that may be present to ensure a uniform look.

More Preparation – filling in nail holes with wood filler, masking off surrounding areas (walls, broadloom, hardwood floors, tiles, etc.), sweep and/or vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt. Depending on wood species, more prep may be needed to treat with pre stain conditioner.

Stain & Varnish Stage

Staining & Wiping – after staining the staircase it should be left to dry several hours, preferably overnight.

Applying Sanding Sealer – seals the wood and creates a protective barrier. Again, the staircase should be left to dry several hours. When the sealer is dry, sanding with fine grit sandpaper will smooth out the raised grain.

Applying Varnish – after we finish applying the top coat of varnish, light foot traffic is possible overnight and heavy traffic should be avoided for at least 72 hours after applying the varnish.

We also specialize in painting risers and stringers white to create “piano style” look. This requires a lot of patience as it is a very detailed work. Our team of experienced interior residential painters have painted many staircases with amazing results. Meticulous attention to detail is key. So please contact us for any of your staircase staining or staircase painting projects you may have. You will be satisfied with the quality of our work. We’re here To Paint & Protect!