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Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton Area.

To Paint & Protect


Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton Area.

Exterior Painting Services

Patios, Pergolas Decks & Fences

Entry doors, side doors, sliding patio doors (wood, vinyl, metal, aluminum, fibreglass)

Windows (vinyl, metal, wood, clad or aluminum)

Garage doors (wood, metal, aluminum, fibreglass)

Garages, Underground Garages


Stucco walls

Brick walls

Siding walls (vinyl, wood, hardie board)

Interior Painting Services

Exterior Painting

We can agree that a house is the most expensive asset most of us will ever own. And as such you naturally want to protect your investment. Depending on your house style there can be a variety of materials and surfaces including brick, stone, wood, stucco, vinyl, hardie cement/wood board etc. Many of these surfaces need to be painted periodically to avoid deterioration and to protect your home while maintaining curb appeal. So if you need exterior painting of your new home or a refresh, how do you choose? Since most houses have intricate architectural details and are often more than 20 feet high, is it really something you would want to tackle on your own, without proper tools, training and knowledge? In mose cases you’re better off hiring professional exterior house painters who have the experience, knowledge, proper tools and training to do the job right and well.

That’s where we come in. We take the time to do the prep properly before we start painting. Properly prepared surfaces in conjunction with proper primers and paints used ensures a long lasting finish. Our team of experienced exterior painters have done many exterior painting projects that still look good 10+ years after being painted. That’s what superb quality work combined with using best paints and materials available gets you.

We, at Interior Exterior Painting LTD. believe in continuous improvement through innovation. We continuously search for and try new tools, methods and paints to improve. We own a wide array of tools, ladders, airless and HVLP sprayers to be able to tackle on the most difficult and intricate jobs. We are WSIB insured, carry liability insurance and are licenced to work at heights and operating elevated platform machines such as (articulated) boom lifts – or cherry pickers if you will, and scissor lifts.

So contact us for any exterior painting needs you may have, including exterior house painting, exterior commercial painting or any other exterior painting. We are here To Paint & Protect!

Exterior Windows & Doors

Do you have regular white vinyl windows and would like black windows without actually changing them? You can dramatically improve the look of your house and keep your existing windows without the need of costly replacement. Our team of experienced exterior house painters are here to help! We specialize in converting white vinyl windows and painting them black. Yes! You no longer have to worry your vinyl windows would warp when painted black! How, do you ask?

Our secret is using a specially formulated industrial strength exterior paint that window manufacturers use. Also, there is a specific prep that needs to be followed prior to painting. And we mask off all glass as well as surrounding areas and achieve factory like finish by spraying them using an HVLP sprayer. And not only windows, our experienced exterior home painters can do entrance doors, side doors, garage doors, patio sliding doors and also soffits, fascias and eaves.

And if you told your friends and neighbours you had your windows replaced they would believe you as they will look as if they were installed brand new. That will enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase your resale value! Win win situation!

So contact us for any exterior window and door painting needs you may have, especially if you would like your exterior white vinyl windows painted black. We’re here To Paint & Protect!

Deck and Fence Staining

Are you tired of looking at your untreated deck, patio or fence? Is your existing stain fading, peeling or both? We can help! Our team of professional exterior painters will stain your deck, patio or fence in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a beautiful, durable and long lasting finish. Make your neighbours envy your gorgeous stylish backyard.

Each of our projects starts with preparation. This is the most important part of any project, not just deck and fence staining and painting. Peeling and blistering of the existing stain or paint is taken care of by scraping, sanding the surface and pressure washing the whole area, as deemed necessary. After pressure washing, the whole area that is ready for staining or painting has to be thoroughly dry before proceeding with the staining or painting process. That’s why we’ll usually come the next day or according to weather conditions.

If there are conditions for an airless spray or HVLP spray application, surrounding surfaces and areas are masked off and protected against possible overspray. If it is deemed too difficult or impossible to use airless spray or HVLP spray application, brush and/or roller or pad is used for the application of the stain or paint. Our team of experienced deck and fence staining experts use only the best exterior stains and paints for the decks and fences from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others because we believe in their performance and benefit they bring to you. Our rates are competitive and the quality of our work unparalleled!

So contact us for any of your deck and fence staining and painting jobs you may have. We are here To Paint & Protect!