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Professional House Painting

Painting can enhance the appearance of your home or workplace significantly, whether it is interior or exterior painting project you want to have done. We work with real estate agents and interior designers and all of them agree on one thing: PAINTING IS THE CHEAPEST UPGRADE OF YOUR HOME. There is nothing out there that will get you more return on your investment than simply painting your house. Professionally that is. 

You can take a dull looking $400,000 home with builder’s off whites and completely transform your house into a mansion that looks like a million bucks. Now, you probably won’t get a million bucks for it but you will sell it higher than you normally would, especially if it’s decorated and staged.

That’s why many house owners that find selling their homes difficult will turn to a painter for help. And we can help! Not just with your home but with any painting project you may have. Our experience professional residential house painters will also determine the best possible application method for the specific project, including airless spray technology.

There is a common misconception that airless spray painting is inefficient and wastes paint. But there are a number of factors that dramatically change the outcome of such a method of application. Our team of experienced professional painters knows how to use the industrial airless spray technology to maximize use of every gallon of paint.

This includes using the right pressure for the paint being sprayed and choosing the correct tip size for the specific work being performed to minimize over spray, therefore, less wasted paint and we are using straight paint (un-thinned). That results in having to spray fewer coats than if painted by roller or brush. Especially with a brush (which you have to thin so it spreads more evenly and brush marks are minimal, although not completely vanished) and that contributes to using about the same amount or in some instances even less paint than conventional methods of application, contradicting the common misconception.

Sprayed surfaces such as trim and doors tend to have a more uniform appearance that resembles the smooth surface of a fridge as opposed to surfaces that look like an orange peel (caused by roller) or brush marks (caused by brush). In any case, our interior exterior painters will help you with all of your painting needs in a courteous and timely manner.

Here is a list of what we do for Interior Painting:

  • New construction homes
  • New construction condominium buildings
  • Custom built homes
  • Partially or fully renovated homes
  • Condominiums
  • Garages, underground garages
  • Cottages
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Lofts
  • Commercial units (doctor’s offices, spas, shops, stores, etc.)