Stairs Staining

Staircase Stain and Varnish

We stain unfinished staircases to custom match your hardwood. Staining of your staircase includes:

Preparation Stage

Sanding – all surfaces with three different grits sandpaper to ensure a smooth surface.

Stain Removal – getting rid of coffee stains, water stains, oil stains, etc. to ensure a uniform look.

More Preparation – filling in holes with wood filler, taping around staircase to protect surrounding areas (walls, broadloom, hardwood floors, etc.), sweep and/or vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt.

◦Stain & Varnish Stage

Staining & Wiping – after staining the staircase it should be left to dry several hours, preferably overnight.

Applying Sanding Sealer – seals the wood and creates a protective barrier. Again, the staircase should be left to dry several hours. When the sealer is dry, sanding with fine grit sandpaper will smooth out the raised grain.

Applying Varnish – after we finish applying the top coat of varnish, light foot traffic is possible overnight and heavy traffic should be avoided for at least 72 hours after applying the varnish.