Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any house. They add value to your home and open up the space whether it is a bedroom, a hallway, a family room or throughout the house. Wood floors are easier to maintain than broadloom is and are hypoallergenic. Hardwood floors, a healthy choice for every family and even more so for people with allergies and those who suffer of asthma.

With its grain and colour variations within the floor, hardwood flooring adds more character to your home. Our hardwood floor installers take pride in installing or refinishing wood floors with utmost precision and attention to detail. All wood flooring is installed in accordance with structural specifications and with the highest level of craftsmanship. High quality of work is our priority even if it means extra time spent.

TIP:  One thing you should never overlook is relative humidity in your home. Heating during the winter season makes for dry conditions in your home which will shrink the wood, creating gaps in between the wood planks. Relative humidity around 35% or lower is considered dangerously dry for the hardwood. The answer may be in getting a humidifier for your home.

During humid warm summer season, hardwood floors tend to expand as moisture gets into wood’s pores. In severe cases, if there is no more room to expand to the sides, the floor will start pushing upwards at the joints, causing costly damages. This may be adverted by running your central air conditioning which pulls moisture away and if there is still a moisture concern you may want to consider a de-humidifier unit. Combined, this will help you have controlled environment in your home all year round and keep the humidity level approximately between 45% - 55%. This along with regular maintenance will help ensure your hardwood floors will keep looking great for years to come.